Accessibility Statement


Once critters start using a garden bed or child’s sandbox as a litterbox, it can be very difficult to get them to stop. This device has an infrared motion detector that triggers a burst of sound to repel unwanted animal visitors that come within the sensor's range (an area adjustable up to approximately 35' × 70').

The 90-decibel sound has a frequency that most cats and other garden pests can hear but is inaudible to most humans (note that some white cats, older animals and exotic breeds cannot hear higher frequencies and may not be affected). You can also adjust the frequency to select a range that’s most effective against specific animals such as cats, skunks and rabbits.

The unit has a weatherproof ABS housing with keyhole slots for mounting. Runs on either four C batteries (you supply) or the included 52' cord (with 120V adapter). Outdoor use only.

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