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Set over an individual potted plant to ensure it gets all the light it needs, this compact grow light can be used to a help a houseplant thrive during the shortened days of winter or in a room that doesn't receive adequate sunlight.

You can even use it to keep a favorite outdoor plant indoors until spring. To provide a needed UV boost, the 4 1/2" diameter LED canopy emits light at a color temperature of 4000 kelvin to promote flowering and overall plant health. A built-in timer operates at regular intervals to provide 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness – a cycle that’s suitable for both flowering and vegetable plants.

The telescopic stake can be inserted in the soil and set at any length from 7 1/8" to 27 1/2" to ensure adequate coverage or adjust the height as the plant grows taller. The light comes with a 58" USB power cable that can be plugged directly into a TV, computer or any standard USB port, or used with the included adapter to plug it into a regular household outlet.

Rated for 25,000 hours of continuous use (or over 4 years at 16 hours per day), this is a space-efficient, energy-efficient option to help keep indoor plants at their best in every season.

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