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To ensure seedlings and cuttings receive the light they need to promote growth, this height-adjustable stand lets you position a grow light strip at the correct height for your plants and raise it as they grow.

Easy to set up without tools, it consists of two 18" powder-coated aluminum support bars and sturdy plastic bases equipped with non-slip pads for stability. Light grips snap onto each end of a grow light strip you supply and slide over the end of the supports. Held in place with wing nuts on the upright supports, the light assembly height can be easily adjusted from 1" to 15 1/2".

Accommodates T5 or LED grow light strips from 12" to 48" in length. Comes with support bar end caps, a 21" × 10 3/4" × 2 1/2" growing tray and instructions.

An easy-to-use system to help indoor plants thrive.

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