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To help herbs or small houseplants thrive year-round, this compact indoor planter set combines a grow light, timer and self-watering system, so plants get all the light and water they need – even if you’re away from home.

The LED canopy has a telescopic support that adjusts from 6 1/4" to 12 1/2", so you can easily reset the height as plants grow. You can choose from five brightness levels to suit the plant’s light requirements, and a built-in timer can be set to any of three light-dark cycles to stimulate growth or to approximate seasonal conditions. Rated for 25,000 hours of continuous use (over 4 years at 16 hours per day), the light plugs into a USB port or can be used with an included adapter to run from a regular household outlet.

With a compact, narrow shape that fits well on a windowsill or shelf, the 9 3/4" × 4 1/4" × 3 1/2" deep planter is a good size for growing a small arrangement of houseplants or a few varieties of herbs. Its built-in 1 litre (1 quart) reservoir bottom allows moisture to wick steadily into the soil as it dries, keeping plants properly watered for long periods, and a water-level indicator at the side tells you at a glance when it’s time for a refill.

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