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Raised beds are the most convenient way to garden. Because they are easy to work in and you can control the quality of soil, they require less weeding and make tending and harvesting easier. Plants get a quicker start in raised beds because the soil warms up earlier than it does in ground-level beds. The soil stays lighter and more aerated because it isn't compacted from foot traffic, so root systems grow faster and bigger.

This kit makes construction easy and keeps the cost down by substituting low-cost, commonly available pre-cast concrete patio stones for expensive rot-resistant lumber. The kit is a set of heavy steel connectors and hardware that you attach to 2 × 4 lumber to make bottom and top frames. Once the frames are made, you insert patio stones into the bottom frame and then put the top frame on and tighten the connectors. It's as simple as that to make an attractive, low-cost raised bed that will last for at least a generation.

The kit comes with eight corner connectors (enough for four corners with one connector at the top and one at the bottom of each corner), and 16 straight connectors (enough for eight joints between stones, one connector at the top and the other at the bottom). So if you use 24" patio stones you will get a 4' × 8' × 24" high raised bed. Using smaller patio stones would make a smaller bed. However, we do offer extra straight connectors and corners if you wish to make your bed larger or into different shapes like T, L or H configurations. Connectors come complete with galvanized mounting hardware and full instructions.

An optional top kit is available. This add-on lets you make a hinged top to cover the bed with plastic film, row cover material or netting. It also locks in an upright position so it can be used as a trellis wall when covered with netting.

Patio stones and lumber not included.

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