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If both time and space for gardening are in short supply, this self-watering raised planter is a useful option, minimizing the amount of maintenance and room required to grow a healthy crop. Its built-in 7 litre (1.8 gallon) reservoir ensures plants stay properly watered for extended periods between fill-ups.

Water wicks steadily into the soil through slits in the rigid inner liner, and a water-level indicator on the side tells you at a glance when a refill is needed. Suitable for most herbs and other shallow-rooted plants, the 14" × 31" × 7" deep container holds about 40 litres (1.4 cu.ft.) of soil.

It stands 31" tall, so you can tend or harvest without stooping, and has a lower shelf for tools and supplies. Suitable for use indoors or out, it is made of durable polypropylene with UV inhibitors to resist fading and cracking from long-term exposure to sunlight.

For outdoor use, a drainage port ensures excess rainfall won't oversaturate the soil. A well-designed, sturdy planter.

Made in France.

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