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Commercial growers value fabric pots because the porous material permits the aeration and drainage needed for healthy growth. Proper ventilation ensures roots become naturally air-pruned, which helps them develop into a hardy, fibrous root system that is more efficient at absorbing water and nutrients. The ventilation also helps disperse excess heat.

Although supple enough to fold flat easily for end-of-season storage, our fabric pots have hemmed rims that help the pot walls remain rigid enough to hold their shape in use. The 7-gallon pot is a convenient size for growing herbs and greens, the 10-gallon pot is ideal for tomatoes, peppers or large perennials, and the 20-gallon pot is suitable for small trees, shrubs, potatoes or large mixed plantings. You can make small X-shaped cuts to allow small plants to grow through the sides of the pot. Dimensions given are diameter by depth.

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