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Suitable for use indoors or out, this large planter has a built-in reservoir to automatically provide plants with an optimal amount of water to help maximize growth and yield.

Great for growing a crop of tomatoes or a kitchen garden of salad greens or culinary herbs, the container holds about 2.13 cu.ft. (60 litres) of soil in just over 3 1/2 sq.ft. of space. At 13 1/2" deep, it provides enough growing room for carrots or other deep-rooted crops.

Its double-wall construction provides an insulating air space in the walls to help protect the soil against light frosts in spring and fall.

The reservoir holds 2 U.S. gallons (7.5 litres), while a pattern of X-shaped slots in the floor of the liner lets the water wick into the soil. An upper fill port lets you top up the water as needed; a second port near the base allows excess water to drain and lets you easily monitor the water level.

Eight holes in the liner securely hold our 7/16" diameter stakes (available separately) for supporting taller plants.

Made in Canada from UV-resistant plastic, the container measures 33" × 15 1/4" × 13 1/2" tall.

A well-made, well-designed planter.

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