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Creating tall, eye-catching columns of blooms or foliage, these tower-like planters occupy little space on a deck or patio and are easy to maintain.

Each 33" tall, 6 1/4" diameter tower has 30 openings sized to fit 1 1/2" to 2" seedling cells, plus an open top, providing ideal spots for growing herbs, strawberries and many types of annuals. Just place plants in position as you fill the tower with potting mix (each holds 10.5 litres/2.8 U.S. gallons of soil). Keeping plants well watered is simple; a concealed channel in the middle of the tower has holes along its length to let water seep out, helping ensure consistent soil moisture from top to bottom.

The flared bottom provides a stable base on level surfaces. Made of tough, flexible polypropylene, the towers can be reused several times, and have simple locking tabs so they’re easy to take apart and store flat at the end of the season.

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