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Anyone who starts plants from seed knows how critical regular watering is to the process. We developed this reusable seed starter to provide water on demand through a capillary mat, as well as to create a mini-environment for the seedlings. The clear dome minimizes evaporation and speeds germination, and a water-level indicator lets you know if any topping up is needed. The stand pegs are used to pop the transplants out of the tray, eliminating transplant shock.

Measuring 15" × 5 1/2" × 7" high, it is suited to growing transplants on a windowsill. Even when not used on a windowsill, it’s great for starting slow-growing plants such as lettuce or broccoli, or many perennials.

The seed tray has twenty-four 1 1/4" square cells. The stand, reservoir and tray are made from a high-density polystyrene, and the capillary mat is non-rotting.

Made in Canada.

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