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Used by professionals in commercial nurseries, these deep-root seed starters have big cells with lots of rooting area to form transplants that grow faster than they would in regular cell packs.

The grooved sidewalls direct the roots straight down, discouraging root spiralling, which can happen in other containers. Each cell has an opening at the bottom that air-prunes roots and also lets you water from the bottom-up (from a capillary mat or flood table). Finished transplants slip out easily by pushing up through the bottom opening.

Offered in two sizes, 32 cells per tray (each cell measures 2" wide by 4" deep) or 72 cells per tray (1 1/2" wide by 3" deep). The smaller cells are more suitable for slower-growing plants. Either can be used to root cuttings. Sold as a set of three rooting trays with three matching catch trays. Both starters measure 21" × 10".

We tested several styles of deep-root trays and these performed the best—even better than some very heavy plastic trays that cost much more. Reusable many times.

Made in USA.

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