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Until July 5, 2022, we’re offering a set of three Tomato Craters and three spiral tomato supports (a $64.20 value) at a saving of over 20% compared to buying them separately at our regular prices.

Both of these items have long been favorites of avid tomato growers. Each is simple to use and effective on its own, but together, they work so well that it just makes sense to offer them as a set.

Tomato Craters are proven to grow tomatoes faster and bigger. Set around the plant, the red material reflects specific wavelengths of light up to the leaves, which USDA research has shown promotes photosynthesis, stimulating rapid growth and development. Besides increasing yields and making the fruit set earlier, the discs block weeds and cutworms, help direct water to the roots, and warm the soil to boost root growth. Made in the USA from heavy-duty plastic, the 11" diameter discs can be used over and over again for many years.

To help support heavily fruit-laden plants, the tomato spirals provide strong, rigid structure without binding or restricting the plant. As is often seen in European vegetable gardens, the plant simply grows into the spiral rather than being tied to a stake. Made of steel with a rust-resistant powder-coat finish, each measures 6' tall and is suitable for both indeterminate and semi-determinate tomato plants, as well as beans and cucumbers.

The set includes three each of the Tomato Craters and spiral supports. Excellent value.

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