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Discontinued. Price reduced.

Our 38 1/2" long trowel is a variety of gardener's cane. One can stride through the gardens, swinging it casually as one might a cane, but able to stop and unearth the unwanted at will. The best technique is to step the trowel in behind an offender, then lever the handle backward (always one-handed in an elegant manner) to free the root. One then withdraws the trowel (until the point is just below the crown of the plant) and gives the back of the trowel a light toe kick, dislodging the plant completely while displacing little earth.

All this is done in a lord-of-the-manor style, never soiling one's hands or garments and, best of all, never having to stoop. It can be a near-regal action if done with panache. Later, the dislodged plants can be collected with a rake, preferably by some younger person related to the cane owner. This all sounds like it is not work at all, just a sort of carefree weeding walkabout. You will be able to experience it and decide for yourself come spring and ownership of this tool.

Like our micro-spade, the fork allows you to work restricted areas without disrupting more soil than necessary - work that would normally have to be done with a trowel while kneeling. At 38 1/2" long it is easy to use while standing and, weighing less than 1.8 lb (0.8kg), it is also easy to carry. The conical tips on the tines also minimize the force need to penetrate the soil.

Both are useful tools to carry when strolling through your garden. Caution: these are sturdy tools, but do not have the same strength as a full-sized spade or fork, and should not be used to turn sod or hard-packed earth and never to pry stones.

Discontinued. On sale to clear remaining inventory; saving is about 40%.

The micro-spade and micro-fork are also sold individually.