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This is the best combination of pole-mount tree pruning tools that we have found.

The fiberglass pole extends from 64" to a full 118" long and can be locked at any spot. The non-conductive pole provides a maximum effective reach of 16' for an average person standing safely on the ground.

The pruner head has a true bypass blade that provides a much cleaner cut than most pole pruners. It also has a triple-action pulley for extra power to easily cut through green or dry wood up to 1 1/4" in diameter. This model required the least effort of all pole pruners we tested.

To handle larger branches, we offer a superb saw to mount on the end of the pole. The 17" blade cuts on the pull stroke and has a 14" working surface to properly cut through branches up to 7" in diameter. The Japanese-style tooth pattern cuts cleanly and quickly, letting you remove even the largest branches in record time. An undercutting blade helps to prevent tear-out, and the top hook not only prevents accidental disengagement from the saw cut, but also lets you grab and pull branches down or out of the way. Both the blade and the hook are sharp enough to remove small branches that may stand in the way.

We also offer each element separately.

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