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Made to our specifications, these high-quality tools will easily last a lifetime. Besides the beech handles, all components are stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. The blades and tines are well formed and secured to the tangs with strong, smooth welds, and have bevelled or tapered ends where required to penetrate soil easily. Shaped for comfort, the handles are lacquered and have a ferrule that caps the end grain to prevent swelling or splitting. All the tools are well balanced, with overall lengths between 9 3/4" and 18".

The set includes nine tools:

  • A three-prong cultivator with rounded tines that move through soil easily, aerating it while uprooting weeds
  • A trowel with a 5 1/4" long, 2 3/4" wide blade and an offset handle for knuckle clearance
  • A Jekyll weeder that lets you remove shallow-rooted weeds by lifting them from below or loosen the soil around deep roots to make them easier to pull out
  • A longer narrow trowel (blade is 7 3/4" long and about 2" wide)
  • A two-prong version of the cultivator
  • A one-prong cultivator useful for planting rows of seeds, removing weeds with matted root systems, and digging dirt and weeds out of rock walls and other narrow gaps
  • A crack weeder with a sharp slicing blade and thin-profile hook for weeding between walkway and patio stones
  • A narrow hand rake for tidying up debris as you work; just under 18" long and 4" wide overall, with seven closely spaced tines
  • A sod knife with a scalloped blade that won’t snag when cutting roots; at 6 5/16", the blade is long enough to cut through two layers of sod at once, so you can cut out the area you’re replacing from a roll of fresh sod, ensuring a perfectly fitted patch; a 3 1/2" sharpened section at the tip of the spine allows more delicate cuts

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