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Special buy. Limited stock.

While quantities last, we’re offering the pruner and sharpener at a saving of 20% (based on our regular price of $78.50 for the pruner and a manufacturer’s list price of $31.35 for the sharpener).

An excellent choice for the serious gardener, this is the original Felco hand pruner design that has remained the same for over 70 years. Still made in Switzerland, it is a favorite of gardeners around the world.

Made to provide many years of service, the blade is top-quality steel, hollow ground and carefully hardened. A superb tool both in feel and performance, it makes clean, even cuts, leaving no crushed wood that might invite pests and disease.

It comes with a 100mm (about 4") long diamond sharpener that is easy to grip and use. It will quickly restore a keen edge on any bypass or anvil pruners, as well as shears and loppers.

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