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This item is discontinued. Available while quantities last.

This insert turns any standard 5 gallon bucket into a self-watering container garden. The integral 1 gallon reservoir has a water-level indicator to let you know when it’s running low and a fill tube that lets you top off the reservoir directly. This allows water to wick up from the bottom of the bucket, maintaining consistent soil moisture, even in hot summer weather.

Perforations in the top of the insert are small enough to keep soil above the reservoir while allowing drainage and maintaining an air gap to prevent root rot from developing. To keep the soil from being flooded by rain or overfilling, we recommend drilling an overflow hole in the side of the bucket at the intended water line.

Low maintenance, easy to install, and sized for commonly available 5 gallon (19 litre) buckets (not included), this is an excellent irrigation system for beginner gardeners. Made in USA.

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