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Incredibly tough yet supple and easy to handle, this is an excellent-quality hose.

It’s made from a synthetic rubber compound that won’t become stiff or brittle at temperatures as low as -40°F/C, with an octagonal cross section that resists kinking. It uncoils neatly, lies flat in use, and won’t put up a fight as you wind it back onto a hose reel.

With an abrasion-resistant outer coating and a polyester mesh-reinforced inner layer for added strength and durability, the hose has an impressive 600 psi burst-strength rating. A plastic cuff at one end helps avoid material fatigue at the faucet connection that can lead to leaks, and an aluminum swivel connector makes it easier to tighten or loosen the threaded fitting.

Available in 50' and 100' lengths with a 5/8" inside diameter.

Made in the USA.