Accessibility Statement


This heavy-duty hose cart compactly holds up to 200' of 5/8" or 100' of 3/4" hose, and makes it possible for a person with a less than Bunyanesque physique to move heavy hose around the yard. Its powder-coated steel frame is rugged and made to last. Its two large wheels make it easy to maneuver over soil, turf or even rough ground.

The reel is positioned at a comfortable operating height and the whole unit is completely stable, letting you quickly pull off hose without fear of tipping the cart. The comfortably positioned push bar stands 34" high, but the cart is only 21" wide, making it easy to move through narrow gates and doorways.

Comes with 5' of hose to connect the reel to your faucet. Assembly required. Great for moving or storing long lengths of heavy hose.

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