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Easy to handle and store, this compact hose system is a practical choice for use with smaller yards, patios or balconies. Individual spools keep the main and leader hoses separate and organized, and the included spray gun and hose connectors store on the casing, keeping them accessible. Made of UV-stabilized plastic, the dial spray gun offers five settings: cone, jet, fast-fill, gentle shower and fan.

The large-diameter aluminum spray rose has a dense pattern of tiny holes, yielding fine droplets to help avoid eroding soil or harming delicate seedlings. The locking trigger lets you water for long periods without having to squeeze continuously, and the flow-control knob permits easy adjustment. The 5/16" diameter PVC hose is tough and flexible; both the 26' main hose and the 6 1/2' leader hose have quick-connect ends that can attach to the spray gun or the faucet adapter. About 11" tall by 10" by 4 1/2" overall, it weighs close to 4 lb.

Made in U.K.

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