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Considered one of the best methods of irrigation, this 1/4" inside diameter porous rubber pipe connects to your water supply and sweats evenly from end to end. It can be placed on top of the soil or buried to directly feed the roots.

As it doesn't throw water into the air, it greatly reduces water loss from evaporation. It is also the most suitable method of irrigating plants that don't like to get their foliage wet (not suitable for lawns). Best of all, it can be cut and shaped to meet your specific needs.

The leak rate is 20 gallons of water per hour per 100'.

The starter kit includes 100' of soaker hose, 50' of 1/2" poly header (main line) hose, ten 8" stakes and a selection of connectors. Comes with compression fittings (shown) or barbed T-fittings, depending on supply.

Most parts are also available separately to expand the system. Can be attached to any of our other watering kits.

Instructions included.

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