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Ideal for use in areas where there is no access to a water faucet, this gravity-fed irrigation system lets you keep plants watered in containers, grow boxes, garden rows or almost anywhere you want to garden.

Easy to set up, it consists of a 10.5 litre (2.8 gal.) PVC water bag that hangs on a post or wall, and 5m (16') of hose that delivers the water to six drippers. The hose and drippers come unassembled so you can cut the hose and install the drippers in the line exactly where you want them. The sturdy polycarbonate drippers are adjustable, letting you set individual drip rates for each of six plants; an end-plug seals the far end of the tubing.

A full bag of water will give you up to 24 hours of slow-release watering, depending on the flow rates of the drippers, offering an easy solution for keeping plants watered while you are away for a weekend.

A simple, effective system that is reusable year after year.

Made in England.

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