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This is an excellent spot sprinkler. While we like it for the soft, rain-like droplets it emits, what truly sets it apart for us is that you can link multiple units using garden hoses. This not only lets you run a series of sprinklers off the same faucet, but also lets you place them exactly where you want to ensure coverage even on irregularly shaped lawns and gardens.

The sprinkler evenly covers an area up to 24' in diameter, providing a fine spray that won't disturb flowers or erode soil. The brass nozzle has no moving parts to break, making it reliable and durable. The powder-coated zinc sprinkler base has an integral step to make it easy to insert in the ground and a double-spiked foot to ensure it won't move once set. The inflow port has a stainless-steel mesh to filter out particles, and an included cap lets you seal the outflow port at the end of a run. Highly recommended, these are high-quality sprinklers.

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