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If you have an irregularly shaped lawn, you will appreciate this impulse sprinkler. Unlike a standard sprinkler, this one has an adjustable ring in the base to raise or lower the sprinkler head, which varies the spray distance as it moves along its circular route.

There are 12 adjustment points, each with five height settings to change the spray reach from 13' to 33' (our tests, using 5/8" dia. hose at 60 psi). If you place the sprinkler in the same orientation each watering, you need only set the adjustment ring once.

Like regular impulse sprinklers, this one has a trip lever and collars to control rotation, from full to partial, and is adjustable to produce a fine to heavy stream.

Made of UV-resistant plastic, the stable base measures about 7 7/8" × 7 3/8" wide, extending to 12 1/4" wide in use.

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