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Giving quick readings on four key factors influencing plant health, this hand-held gauge takes considerable guesswork out of maintaining garden beds, planters, houseplants or lawns.

The 8" probe tests soil pH, temperature and moisture levels, while a light meter built into the upper housing measures the amount of sunlight that spot receives – results you can use to diagnose lawn or garden problems, find the best place for a given plant, or decide what would grow well in a chosen spot.

The easy-to-read backlit digital display shows temperatures from 15° to 120°F or -9° to 50°C and acid/alkaline values of 3.5 to 9.0 pH, as well as moisture and light readings, each on a nine-point scale from very low to very high.

Soil temperature, for example, is far more important than air temperature when deciding if it’s time to plant out seedlings. Regular moisture testing can be indispensable for assessing the reach and effectiveness of an irrigation system, or simply to see if you are underwatering or overwatering your plants. Sunlight readings covering a range from full shade to full sun exposure let you monitor lighting conditions as they vary throughout the season or from year to year as a garden grows and changes. And pH values are an often overlooked gardening variable, providing valuable insight you can use to apply soil amendments to match the preferred pH range of the plants you want to grow. While the meter is straightforward to use, an included manual explains the basics of how to interpret the results.

Powered by a 9-volt battery (not included), the meter can be used indoors or out (but should not be subject to prolonged exposure to the elements).

A fast, reliable and highly practical gauge that simplifies the process of soil testing, well within the needs of most gardeners.

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