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With this station, you can monitor how much rainwater your garden receives without venturing outdoors. The 6" tall indoor unit displays rainfall in inches or millimetres, along with an easy-to-read water cylinder graph and a flower icon that indicates the number of days with and without rain. You can cycle through rainfall history for the last hour, 24 hours, 7 days or month, and view total rainfall since you last reset the unit. Its memory function also lets you recall the rainfall of specific days up to a year ago.

You can program an alarm for a preset amount of rain (or sprinkler output) so you know when your garden has enough water.

With language settings for English, French or Spanish, the display shows the time and date, as well as indoor and outdoor temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and humidity in RH%. Using the optional USB power cord (included), you can adjust the display screen’s backlight intensity or set it to dim automatically.

The unit receives wireless transmissions (330' maximum range) from a self-draining rain bucket and an outdoor temperature/humidity sensor. Operates on six AA batteries (not included).

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