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Blue jays and other large birds can be a real nuisance at a bird feeder, taking more than their fair share of the seed and making a mess with the rest.

This hanging feeder has a large baffle overhanging the feeding ports, giving small birds a sheltered place to dine in peace while effectively blocking larger visitors. The baffle projects about 4", to keep both seed and guests dry in wet weather, and can be set higher or lower, depending on the sizes of the species you want to attract or deter.

Sturdily constructed from strong, UV-resistant polycarbonate, the weatherproof feeder has four aluminum seed ports and perches, a stainless-steel hanger, and an enamel-coated steel cap that lifts off completely so it’s easy to fill and clean.

The 13" tall, 5 3/4" diameter chamber holds 1.2 gallons of sunflower seeds or songbird mix to last a long time between refills.

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