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Mounted onto the portal of a birdhouse, these copper shields prevent squirrels, larger birds and other invaders from gnawing or pecking through the wood to widen the hole and take over the nest.

They are offered in four diameters to match the preferences of specific cavity-nesting birds: Eastern bluebird (1 1/2"), nuthatch (1 1/4"), chickadee (1 1/8") and wren (1"). A practical finishing touch to a birdhouse-building project, they can also be retrofitted to an existing birdhouse, either to repair a damaged portal or to reduce its diameter to help attract a different species.

Rust-resistant zinc-plated mounting screws included. The 2" × 2" shields are made of solid 0.024" thick copper that will develop a weathered patina over time.

Made in USA.

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