Dear Customer,

As you may notice, our Hardware catalog has grown again this year; there are nearly 400 new items in it. Unlike our woodworking or gardening tool catalogs, it is difficult to highlight one or two products since hardware items tend to fall into one of two broad categories. They are either of a specific function (where choice is limited or not involved at all), or are of a wide variety of styles with a common function (such as drawer pulls) where your taste, not our analysis, is the key differentiating factor. Nonetheless, there is one product in this catalog that is worth an honorable mention, the metal drawer side/slides on page 81. They vastly simplify drawer making, but, even better, a drawer front can still be adjusted after the drawer is installed in the cabinet. You can equalize clearance margins on all sides just as the professionals do.

There is an old saying that the difference between good woodworkers and bad woodworkers is how they recover from disaster. This is a great recovery product.

Yours sincerely,

Leonard G. Lee