Accessibility Statement


Dear Customer,

Unlike our woodworking and gardening catalogs, the release of this annual catalog just doesn't generate a lot of excitement. Few people rush to our website to review the new finishes, to marvel at the increased array of sizes and styles, or to study the expansion of a specialty line. There are no store line-ups filled with customers jostling to be the first on the block with that new drawer slide. And, it's difficult to envision anyone spending hours combing through these pages, carefully compiling a wish list to be surreptitiously left where it is sure to be discovered. Even weeks after it arrives, items aren't circled, page corners aren't earmarked, and there are no Post-its flagging myriad "must-haves".

That's okay; we understand.

Despite the months of sourcing, writing, and meticulous catalog photography — we know that our efforts will take some time to grow on you. This is a catalog of solutions, and we understand that you first have to encounter the problems before its utility has an immediate relevance.

So go ahead and give it a quick flip through, note the increased heft, appreciate the broader selection, and keep it close at hand where it will be accessible when the need arises. We have faith that it will ...


Robin C. Lee