Dear Customer,

You hold in your hands one of a dying breed of publication – a full-line hardware catalog. At the turn of the last century, it was not uncommon for firms in our business to publish catalogs with several hundred pages, offering a selection of merchandise that boggled the mind.

Today, the cost of printing and postage has driven many firms to abandon catalogs and move to digital publishing, listing their products on e-commerce websites alone. Using digital media has also made it easier to deal with volatile pricing and erratic supply, as product data can be updated regularly, something that is increasingly a challenge with an annual publication.

Yet, despite the capabilities afforded by technology, there are still advantages to print. A printed catalog is an excellent choice for products such as handles and knobs, items that are so often selected by appearance alone. A quick flip through these pages conveys a sense of scope, while also allowing for rapid visual comparison of shape and finish. This catalog is always ready to use, and every piece of hardware is still on the same page as it was the last time you looked at it.

The catalog: it’s the original product app.


Robin C. Lee