Dear Customer,

Anticipation has always been an integral part of gardening. From the arrival of the first seed catalog, to the harvesting of the last fruit or bloom, each season is marked by a progression of milestones, and while we may cheerfully record each small victory, few of us plan for the appearance of blight, an insect infestation, or drought. We trust that all our seeds will germinate, all our plants will grow, and that we will get more than our share of clement weather.

So it goes, too, with the gardening tool business. The production of this catalog started well before the end of the last gardening season. We have reviewed our new products, shored up our offerings, and reorganized our lines. Many of the additions and changes within these pages reflect your suggestions and requests.

Of particular interest are the custom spades and forks on the back cover. They are significantly stronger than the British standard tools they complement (at the cost of an additional pound of weight) and represent a useful addition to our line. The British standard was established back in the days when men six feet in height and women at five feet nine inches were considered tall. Just as average height has increased, so has average weight and strength. We have noticed a commensurate increase in broken tools and went looking for something to withstand this steroidal-like change in our customer base. We offer it here.

Just as you anticipate only successes this season, we expect all will turn out well with our new line, and will remain optimistic until the first broken tool is returned.


Robin C. Lee