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These kits provide all the hardware needed to install a bifold cabinet door, permitting access to nearly the full width of the cabinet interior. The premium kits are for use with 18mm to 35mm (3/4" to 1 3/8") thick door panels and support weights up to 40kg (88 lb) per bifold door. They also feature soft-close Blumotion mechanisms and carriage mechanisms that allow doors to be readily disconnected for cleaning or adjustment.

The single door kit includes 78" aluminum top and bottom tracks, overlay hinges, four panel-connecting hinges, top and bottom roller brackets, and bearing-mounted rollers that travel smoothly along the brackets, supporting and guiding a single door while maintaining door alignment.

The double door kit adds a second set of roller brackets, overlay hinges and panel-connecting hinges to accommodate a second bifold door on the same track.

Both kits can be used for left- or right-opening doors up to 100cm (39 3/8") wide per bifold door. Tracks can be cut to length.

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