Accessibility Statement


With this kit, you can extend power to a wall-mounted television without need for an electrician, as well as conceal the A/V and data cables inside the wall. The kit consists of a pair of wall grommets with an integrated power cord, along with everything needed for installation: a 3" diameter hole saw used to cut through drywall or panelling up to 1" thick, and a 90" flexible rod with a hook end to simplify fishing the cord through the wall cavity.

The hole saw can be operated by hand, or you can remove the plastic handle to use the saw in any drill with a 1/4" hex chuck. The grommets are easy to install or remove; as you turn the screws, 1" support arms clamp against the back side of the drywall, holding the grommet firmly in place. The TV plugs into the output end of the included 58" 120V power cord; the input end connects to an adjacent outlet using a short extension cord that you supply.

To route A/V cables, data cables or 12V wiring, each port also has a 1 1/2" wide slit with pliable plastic edging that grips the cables so they won't drop behind the wall.

ETL listed for use in Canada and USA.