Easy to install, these cable ports let you run audio, video or data cables behind walls to conceal them from view. Each can be mounted anywhere you can cut a matching hole in drywall or panelling. Simply insert the fixture in the hole and tighten the screws; as the screws turn, built-in 1" support arms swing out and clamp against the back of the wall panel (1/4" to 1" thick), holding the unit firmly in place.

The open-port model forms a 1 1/2" × 2 1/2" channel, suitable for routing a larger bundle of multiple cables. In the flex-port versions, cables pass through a 1 1/4" diameter aperture in the pliable plastic faceplate; flexible tabs surrounding the opening keep light tension on cords so they won’t drop behind the wall, yet can be easily adjusted. Available in single- and double-port models.

Dimensions given are the required hole size, with total depth of the fixture in brackets. ETL listed for Canada and USA.