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Still made the same way as they were in 1819, these traditional square-cut steel nails are produced by Tremont, the oldest nail manufacturer in the United States. Besides being historically accurate for reproduction work and period restoration, they are superior to conventional wire nails in two ways.

First, they are near constant thickness but taper in width. When the parallel sides of the nail are aligned with the grain, the square tip shears fibers, which are then bent downwards and compressed as the nail is driven. The fibers then act like a featherboard on a table saw, preventing the nail from withdrawing. Second, because the square tip shears the fibers, there is no wedging action across the grain; this lets you nail near the end of a board with no splitting.

Traditionally used for carcass construction, these fine finish standard nails have a tapered shape and slim rectangular head.

Available in three lengths. The 1 1/4" long nails come in a 1/2 lb box with a nail count of approximately 175; the 1 1/2" nails comes in a 1/2 lb box with a nail count of approximately 145; and 2” nails come in a 1 lb box with an approximate nail count of 180.

Made in USA.

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