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Robertson is famous for the patent of the socket-head screw, widely known today as the square recess. The Robertson system perfectly mates the taper drive bit tip to the square recess punched in the screw. The result is a very precise fit: no cam-out, no slippage in the drive. The drive style manufactured today is known as Recex – a combination of Phillips and Robertson drives, allowing convenient use of either drive type. Often considered the woodworker’s screw of choice, Robertson screws are commonly used by furniture manufacturers, cabinetmakers and tradespeople.

These screws have a notched Type 17 self-drilling tip and nibs under the head to eliminate the need for pre-drilling and countersinking. Hardened and lubricated, they are ideal for softwood and some hardwoods, such as oak, elm and maple. Available in flat head only.

Packages of 100.