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These Blum hinges set the standard for European-style hinges. Not only are they easy to quickly install, but they remain hidden when the door is closed. Hinges are spring-loaded with two rest positions, fully open or fully closed. They are nickel plated for a clean, rust-proof finish.

Designed with an integral Blumotion damping mechanism for a smooth, soft-closing motion, this wide-angle hinge is configured to open to a maximum of 155° for half-overlay applications in standard cabinetry. A switch on the hinge cup allows on/off toggling of the damping feature.

The clip-hinge style allows doors to be removed without tools and without loss of adjusted positions. Intended for use on standard doors from 16mm to 24mm (5/8" to 15/16") thick. Hinges are adjustable ±2mm vertically, ±2mm horizontally and +3/-2mm in depth after installation.

Sold in pairs, they are the best choice for general applications. Screws and mounting instructions are included. Made in Austria.

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