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Now you can make use of the space typically wasted in most kitchens.

These revolving kidney shelves make the most of the corner space where two countertops meet. Primarily for new construction, they are installed in corners with no gables. Each shelf is made of a tough, easy-to-clean polymer, and swivels independently on a wheeled hub. All exposed metal parts are chrome plated.

An articulated cupboard door can be built using 170° European hinges to attach to the cabinet, and a length of piano hinge for the corner (neither included).

Each set contains two shelves, a center shaft, top and bottom pivots, screws and mounting instructions. See the specifications tab for shelf measurements.

Made in USA.


28" Kidney Shelf Set
Diameter: 28"
Adjustable Height: 26" to 32"
Minimum Cabinet Width: 29 1/2"
Minimum Cabinet Depth: 18"

32" Kidney Shelf Set
Diameter: 32"
Adjustable Height: 26" to 32"
Minimum Cabinet Width: 33 1/2"
Minimum Cabinet Depth: 21 1/4"

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