One drawer in the kitchen is always only half full – the cutlery drawer. This drawer kit doubles the usable space in such a drawer. The bottom tray is trimmed to fit inside the drawer, and the top tray rolls back in molded grooves, supported by four rollers. The back of the drawer may have to be trimmed down to allow the top tray to slide past.

Both sizes of trays have a white gloss finish and rounded corners for easy cleaning. The small drawer set will fit drawers 12" to 14 1/2". The large set fits drawers 14 1/2" to 17 1/2" wide. Both sets are 3 1/4" high, and require a drawer depth of at least 17" with a total distance from the drawer front to the back of the cabinet of at least 21 1/2". Solid and well-made trays. Both come with installation instructions. Made in USA.

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