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What every grocer knows is that it's not how deep the shelves are that's important, it's the amount of usable "facing". This sturdy and clever system packs the equivalent of over 44' of shelf facing into a cabinet 34" wide, 20" deep, and just over 6' high — using 42 height-adjustable shelves. Best of all, it can be used in a free-standing cabinet in existing kitchens, or as a built-in for new kitchens.

The system consists of a pair of handed shelving units, each allowing simultaneous access to three sets of shelves. Each 12 1/2" wide door-mounted frame carries seven baskets with 3" × 11 1/8" of usable space. Each middle frame pivots 180°, and is linked to a sliding rear frame.

When the unit is pulled open, a pivoting frame pulls the rear frame forward by 8", allowing access to 14 baskets, each with a usable depth of 7 1/4", and a width of 13 1/2".

All baskets are made from chrome-plated steel wire, are adjustable in 2" increments, and are just over 3" in height. All frames and mounting hardware have a neutral gray epoxy coating.

Weight capacity is 11 lb for each inner basket, to a maximum of 88 lb for each shelving unit. Weight capacity of the door-mounted shelves depends on the hinges used to support the door and the screws used to fasten the frame to the door.

Comes complete with mounting hardware and instructions.

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