Accessibility Statement


Adjustable in height from 41 1/4" to just over 54", these side-mount pullouts are great for use in larger cabinets without consuming the entire cabinet height.

Supplied with five clip-on chrome-plated steel baskets, with limited variable spacing (unless you remove a basket!).

The frame has a depth of 18 1/4", and accepts 17 1/4" baskets. Basket height is 3 1/4", with a front drop-lip for easy access. Sizes given are overall mounted width; basket width is about 1 3/4" less.

Blocking may be necessary to ensure that the sliding frame clears the cabinet door if the door overhangs the opening by more than 3/4" when open.

Straightforward to install, mounted directly to the cabinet wall.

Unhanded, with a load capacity of 44 lb.

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