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It's easy to create a custom light fixture with these components and our LED strip lighting. The aluminum channels can be fitted with a polymer cover (sold separately) to conceal the LEDs and diffuse the light output. They are particularly useful where installed lighting will be visible, such as on the underside of a shelf or in a display cabinet, or to soften lighting to eliminate reflective hotspots on a nearby surface.

The flush-mount style is a good option for new construction where a low-profile, flush-mounted light is desirable. The channel fits in an 11/16" wide dado; the edges of the dado are concealed with the flanges on the channel (epoxy can be used to secure it if a friction fit is insufficient). The channel can also be surface-mounted using double-sided tape or metal clips (available separately).

The channels can be cut to length using a fine-tooth handsaw and run in sequence to create a longer fixture. To enclose the channels, end caps are available in pairs (one cap with a passage hole for wires).