Accessibility Statement


If your installation of color-controlled LED tape lighting involves long lighting runs (greater than 30’), you may observe a shift in the color or brightness of the LEDs furthest from the power supply – a result of unavoidable voltage drop.

The maximum recommended length of color-controlled tape lighting that should be operated from a single power supply is 30'. To ensure consistent color and brightness over longer runs of lighting, one or more additional power supplies should be used, each paired with one of these signal amplifiers. For example, 30' to 59' lengths of lighting require one additional power supply plus one signal amplifier, 60' to 89' lengths require two additional power supplies plus two signal amplifiers, and so on.

Choose the appropriate power supply based on each additional length of tape lighting used after the initial 30' run.

This signal amplifier is compatible only with our 12V LED system and is not compatible with our 24V LED system.

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