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Discontinued. Limited stock.

With this kit, you can add color-adjustable accent lighting without having to do any complicated wiring or installation work.

It’s supplied as four 50cm (about 19 3/4") lengths of low-profile tape lighting consisting of multicolor (RGB) LEDs sealed in a clear protective jacket, with a peel-and-stick backing that adheres well to most smooth, dry interior surfaces. The sections link together with 20cm (8") press-fit cable connectors that are flexible enough to bend around tight corners. The kit comes with a 36" USB power cable, so it can run from a TV, a computer or any USB port rated at 1A or greater.

To adjust the lighting, the included remote control operates by radio frequency, so you don’t need a direct line of sight to switch between several color settings (including white), adjust the brightness and apply various lighting effects.

Energy-efficient, inexpensive ambient lighting with a wide range of applications, it’s a particularly straightforward option for adding bias lighting behind TVs and computer monitors.

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