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Used to convert doorway space into useful shelving while keeping the area behind it hidden from view, a Murphy door is relatively straightforward to build and install. This kit includes the hinges, pivots, tracks and other hardware needed, along with illustrated instructions for building a bi-fold cabinet – you supply only the lumber, fasteners and shelf supports.

It also includes cutting lists for constructing a 49", 61" or 73" wide cabinet, designed to overlay openings up to 4', 5' or 6' wide respectively, and up to 80" high (a minimum of 6" of additional ceiling clearance is required to accommodate the valance).

The hardware supports up to 300 lb, yet operates smoothly with little effort, and because it surface-mounts to the wall and floor, the doorway requires no cuts or remodelling. The cabinet must be at least 1" wider than the opening (1/2" on either side), but an additional 12" offset on the pivot side allows the cabinet to fold open fully without restricting doorway access (e.g., using a 49" cabinet over a standard 36" doorway). There must also be at least 2 1/2" of clearance on either side of the cabinet to allow it to pivot without obstruction.

A good solution for those short on space, it can be used to conceal a utility or storage area such as a laundry room or pantry (or even a secret passageway!). Made in USA.