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A primary flaw with most spring-loaded closers is that they tend to slam gates/doors closed with more force than is necessary — potentially damaging jambs, hardware and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught within their path. This one is different. It is based on an arrangement of spring-loaded levers connected to a vertical oil-filled piston regulator.

Opening the gate (or door) forces the levers open, puts the springs under tension and sets the piston. Releasing the door relaxes the tension on the springs and forces the door closed.

The closing speed is controlled by the piston cup, which is forced through the cylinder of oil. Rotating the cylinder controls the closing speed of the gate.

Suitable for doors or gates weighing up to 150 lb, it is not affected by inclement weather and is usable both indoors and outdoors. The instructions are straightforward, giving details for installation on metal- and wood-framed gates.

Mounting hardware included. Made in USA.

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