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Discontinued. Limited stock.

These components can be used with any close-grained hardwood (or similar material such as Corian) to make a 1/4-turn twist pen. You cut a square blank to length, drill it and insert the brass tubular components, then turn the square to size on a mandrel using soft-iron bushings as size guides. Exterior components have a 24-karat gold finish.

At 1/2" diameter, this stylish pen is almost twice the diameter of standard pens.

It is ideal for people with large hands (or very important thoughts), or for people with limited hand strength, because it is so easy to grip.

Accent rings are high-density plastic. Takes standard Parker-style refills, which can be obtained at stationery stores or from us (original pen and refills have blue ink).

Requires our standard mandrel, an extra-large pen bushing set, a 10mm drill bit and a 3/4" square by 5" long blank.

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