Not just for grinding pepper, these durable mechanisms have non-corroding ceramic burrs that are also suitable for use with salt and other spices. Because the grind-adjustment (coarse to fine) knob is unusually located at the bottom of the mechanism (traditional mills have top-mount grind-adjustment knobs), you have greater body design freedom than with traditional mill hardware.

Easy to install, the mechanisms simply press-fit into the mill and secure using a small amount of glue (epoxy works best). Both mechanism styles, shaft and shaftless, are supplied with complete instructions and have a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.

The great benefit to the shaftless mechanism is that it allows you to depart from traditional mill design. It can be mounted along the body at different positions to vary the proportions. It also installs in a blind hole, allowing you to make a short mill (a blessing for those without a drill extension) or an "upside down" mill that keeps your tablecloth clean by discharging pepper only from its "top" when it is flipped over. Measures 3" long and requires 1 1/16", 1 9/16", and 1 3/4" Forstner bits.

We also offer a shaft-driven mechanism for turning a standard top-loading mill. The stopper affixes to the shaft with a plastic insert and is removable for refilling. Measuring 10 1/2" overall, it will make a 12" mill. The 8 1/2" long aluminum shaft can be cut to length to produce a mill as little as 5" tall. Requires 15/16", 1 1/16", 1 9/16", and 1 3/4" Forstner bits.

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