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Easy to install, this mechanism lets you convert a slide-mounted wooden drawer into an automatic soft-closing one, smoothly and silently pulling the drawer closed in the last 2“ of travel. The mechanism mounts to the inside walls of the cabinet carcass, while an included activator tab mounts to the drawer side (requires 11mm side clearance between the drawer and the cabinet wall, and a minimum cabinet depth of 275mm). A single mechanism is sufficient for drawers up to 700mm wide; for wider drawers, two mechanisms are recommended. Mechanisms are available for 15kg (33 lb), 25kg (55 lb) and 40kg (88 lb) drawer weights. Covers (sold separately) are recommended for use in areas exposed to dust or debris. The mechanism and the activator each require two #8 flat-head screws (you supply). Instructions are included. Made in Germany.

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